When deciding which school to attend, it is important to know that past students are successful and that they feel their money was well invested. Our instructors have taught courses all around the world and are proud of each student's success. If you have a success story, please share it with us at info@peakcatc.com!


"I have enjoyed and learned valuable tradecraft in both PEAK courses I have taken online. Although I prefer in-person conferences to learn, since the on-set of COVID19 and no conferences available, I have learned to enjoy pacing myself through PEAK's online training. The staff are very respondent and professional. I look forward to my next online class. "

Robert J. Smith

"The best and sincere reasons I could give for advocating PEAK's online training course: (aside from far-off travel) The convenience of being able to take the course at one's leisure (within a reasonable set time-period). The providing of PEAK's complete and concise class-notes, power points and videos which can be continuously reviewed (once again at one's leisure), The opportunity to work in a group format by sharing information with on-line seminar attendees, And most of all: The amount of time the student has in which to ponder, reflect and respond to the topics and questions posed to them in an non-rushed atmosphere that one really cannot enjoy when physically present at a venue."

Mark S. Ralton

"This was my second PEAK online course and it will not be the last. There was so much valuable information provided that will be useful in future polygraph exams. I found this course to be very thorough, thoughtful (explaining specifically why the ACQT is so important - and there are many reasons), and helpful in terms of preparing you to put the knowledge into action. The course addresses APA Standards of Practice relating to ACQT's. I recommend this course to all polygraph examiners, regardless of your level of experience."

Rob Diekman

"This is the first PEAK on-line training I have completed... but I plan on taking more courses soon. I found this (DLST) on-line course extremely informative and helpful in many ways. I think there was a good balance between information topics: research, history of DLST, considerations for all steps of the polygraph process (preparation, pre-test interview, informed consent info/ROI, office environment considerations, screening exams in general for public service use... I could go on and on).

I'll try and summarize: If you are looking for an extremely thorough presentation of the DLST and using screening exams for pre-employment testing in general, cough up $150 (small price I think), grab an awful lot of paper (I took 24 pages of notes), a couple pens/pencils, and settle in for what I think you will find to be a very practical and helpful learning opportunity/experience. This is a solid 5 star course in my humble opinion."

Rob Diekman

"The PEAK PCSOT course was one of the best courses that I have ever taken. This course was very well designed with great information, the right expert subject matter speakers, as well as knowledge applicability. Thank you for such a great course and your endless dedication to this field."

Noreen Pollock

"Extreme thanks, to director Ben Blalock and the entire PEAK staff for an amazing course. The week was filled with comprehensive information and truly prepares an examiner to "Hit the ground running." PEAK's ethics, professionalism, and teaching ability are beyond reproach. An examiner who graduates from a PEAK course, is an examiner who is ready to test in the field. PEAK continues to be an asset to the field of polygraph testing and an outstanding training center."

Antonio V. Torres IV
Miami Police Sergeant (Retired)

"Peak Credibility Assessment Training Center (Peak CATC) is my agency's choice for all polygraph examiner training. As the fourth student attendee, I was told it would be an intense 10-weeks. It was!! Ben Blalock and his cadre are phenomenal. This was like no other law enforcement training I've done in my 23-year career. I was told it would be like drinking from a firehose and it surely was, but I could not have had a better experience.

After graduation, it was seven (7) weeks before I ran my first actual polygraph examination due to COVID-19 measures. The intensity and muscle memory this class instilled in us made my first polygraph a breeze. I overcame the obstacles each polygraph examination presents and had a very successful examination. With each examination since, the challenges of polygraph examinees have been nothing but a blip on the radar due to the thorough and intense training I received at Peak CATC. Thank you Ben, Scott, Jim, and Sandy. WWBD?"

Michael H.
Okaloosa County, FL

"I finished your online course on the acquaintance test. I want to commend all of you on excellent work. Even though I am an experienced examiner, I learned some new things and had some old ones reinforced. I do plan in the future to take another one from you and hope that you will continue to add new courses. I believe that online polygraph courses like yours are the wave of the future. Your course made me feel that I was communicating with a real and professional person who has the same values as I do."

Gerald Carter

"I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the Polygraph Advance Course in Cape Coral, Fla last week by Peak that I attended. Ben Blalock did an outstanding job with the course. This training was especially beneficial for me as I needed updating on polygraph issues. Peak is one of the few polygraph schools that offer an advance course which I think is very important. Ben was very thorough and presented the material in a very professional way. Even though I have been an examiner for many years I benefited a great deal from this training. I would certainly recommend this course to all examiners especially those who have been in the field for a number of years."

Von Jennings

"PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center was recommended to me by two polygraphers and work colleagues. After speaking to Ben Blalock and visiting the school, I knew that it was going to be the right school for me. I have worked in several different specialty units throughout my law enforcement career and it always took me about a year to really feel comfortable in a new position. I am amazed by the confidence that I have going into a completely new field as a polygraph examiner after just 10 weeks of training. PEAK has been an incredible learning experience with full immersion into the world of polygraph. Ben's knowledge and passion for polygraph is inspirational. He has surrounded himself with a talented team of instructors who are all genuinely concerned with every student succeeding.

PEAK does not just teach you how to administer a polygraph, they teach you the how and why of every aspect of polygraph. They also teach you the best practices in the field. I have no doubt that I have received the best training available anywhere. I cannot recommend PEAK highly enough. I will continue to build the skills I have acquired here and continue with advanced training through PEAK as often as possible to keep up with this ever-changing field."

S. Dunn

"I feel that PEAK does an excellent job of teaching the students. The instructors that are available to students go above and beyond to make sure that we understand the material. Ben Blalock is not only a exceptional instructor but an even better person. He will push you to the limit of what you think you can learn and then take you beyond that. It is not often in Law Enforcement training that you get to be associated with instructors that seem to have a vested interest in your education success.

The best way thing I could say about PEAK is that if I was to have a test administered to me, I hope that the person running the test is a PEAK graduate, because I know that they will be the best and do it right EVERYTIME. "

Tyson Estes

"PEAK CATC was a very challenging and intensive course. Over the course of ten weeks, I went from knowing very little about the theory and application of polygraph to feeling very knowledgeable and competent in both the principles behind the process as well as conducting the actual examinations. The instructors were all very passionate in their instruction and were very helpful in making sure the students thoroughly learned the material."

Anthony West

"Polygraph as a discipline has issues with dinosaur-ism...practitioners who do things the way they were trained, frequently many years ago, with no room for growth, education or expansion. The great thing about coming to PEAK is that you don't have to take anyone's word for anything. They show you the science, they back up their curriculum, and they push-up-to-the-minute scientifically validated techniques. There were two major changes to best practices just while I was in school, if that gives you any idea. Their instructors are long-time examiners, whose names are associated with nationally known cases, significant case law, and cutting-edge research. They tell you straight out if something they used to teach was wrong, and why they changed. Their adaptability to new research findings, leadership in the field, and decades of combined experience make PEAK the obvious choice for basic course instruction and continuing education. If you trained somewhere else, don't worry...their advanced course will be an eye-opener for you, and they will fix you up without judgement. Their basic course is not for the faint of heart...you will work and work hard. But you'll also leave a better polygraph examiner than 95% of the rest of the world, with the most current education available. Do yourself a favor and go to PEAK."

Greg Grannis

"This was one of the most challenging and awarding classes I have attended in my Law Enforcement career. I feel very confident entering the Polygraph community. Highly recommended class! "

Capt. Cleven (C.J.) Remondet III
St. John Sheriff's Office - Laplace, Louisiana

"Wow, great class. To Ben and all the instructors, thank you for your hard work in teaching us the best practices for today's polygraph. The training has made me feel prepared to get right into the field and start administering polygraph examinations. I look forward to returning to PEAK for advanced training classes in the future to make sure we continue to keep using best practices when it come to completing examinations. Thank you again for your dedication to polygraph and time dedicated to teaching."

Detective James Langton
Fort Myers Police Department

"Whether you are an experienced examiner or someone new to the profession, I would consider PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center to be the premier location for polygraph instruction. The instructor's have a wealth of knowledge and experience which they are not hesitant to share. The polygraph concepts taught here are leading the industry and based on proven scientific methodologies. After completing the 10 week basic course I can say that I walked away feeling 100% confident in my ability to conduct thorough and reliable polygraph tests."

Chris Gorrell

"Being new to the polygraph world, I had no idea where to start. In searching Google for schools, there were choices all over the country, but I had no idea what differentiated one school from another. In speaking with the polygrapher who offered to intern me, he knew and recommended that I speak with Ben at PEAK Credibility. He spoke highly of Ben and said that he ran the best school that I could go to. I immediately spoke with Ben, and subsequently made my decision to attend PEAK. I will always be grateful for the excellent training that I received here. I can confidently go into this new business with no qualms about my skills and truly believe that I can begin at the top, and remain there, with the continuing education that is also available through PEAK. There truly is no better way to learn polygraph than from PEAK."

Jeanna Field, Esq.
Managing Partner, East Coast Polygraphy, LLC

"I recommend the PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center to anyone who is ready to be a world class polygraph examiner. After completing PEAK's basic training course I'm ready and more than confident enough to conduct criminal and screening examinations using scientifically proven polygraph methods. All of the PEAK instructors are experts in the field of polygraph and also dedicate themselves to thoroughly teaching every aspect of this subject matter. Everything pertaining to polygraph was covered in great detail while quality hands on usage of polygraph equipment was consistent throughout this course. Thank you PEAK Team!"

Eli Barton
Baldwin County Sheriff's Office

"I am a graduate of the USAMPS program in 1985 and was a polygraph examiner; polygraph examiner supervisor; and polygraph Quality Control Manager for NCIS until 1999. I was also a polygraph examiner for the US Postal Service-Office of Inspector General from 1999 until I retired in 2003.

I became employed with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office as a part-time Cold Case Detective in 2009 and in 2013 was asked to implement a polygraph program and conduct pre-employment and specific issue polygraph examinations. I attended a Senior Polygraph Examiner Course presented by the NCCA in 2013 in order to become re-familiarized with the instrument. Since that time there are now three other Detectives here that have all attended the PEAK basic examiner training and have all been extremely impressive with their abilities coming out of the training and immediately being able to conduct quality examinations.

I recently attended the Advanced Examiner's Course held at the PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center in Cape Coral which was presented by Mr. Ben Blalock, Director at PEAK. Throughout my polygraph career I have attended numerous training seminars and I must say that Ben's course and his method of instruction has been one of the most interesting and well- presented courses that I have ever attended. This was the first course I've attended outside of the Federal government and I was eager to learn what the non-Federal examiners were being taught. Ben is extremely knowledgeable about the field of polygraph and an excellent instructor. He not only presents current information based on scientific studies of polygraph and techniques, but sought information from the group of advanced examiners and their experiences. The entire program was excellent and I personally came away with a wealth of new knowledge that will be extremely useful in future examinations. "

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office

"This course was the most challenging, yet fulfilling thing I have ever done in my lifetime, besides graduating from the United States Marine Corp boot camp. The class work was intense at times, but Ben Blalock never allowed any of us to doubt ourselves. The other instructors, Scott Walters, Jim Orr, and the many other instructors used for the course were all amazing. If you are considering a career as a polygrapher, Peak is the only place you should consider."

Andre B. Sisson

"I had the opportunity to attend a much closer polygraph school about 20 minutes from my home. However, thanks to a close friend and another senior polygraph examiner I was encouraged to attend PEAK, which was clearly on the opposite end of the coast. I was very skeptical about committing to a large investment in terms of tuition, equipment, transportation, housing, etc.. This by far was the BEST choice I ever made. It was very interesting to see examiners visit PEAK during our course even though they had previously completed a course elsewhere and have them state they did not learn nearly half of what PEAK teaches.

I have no regrets and would definitely do it again. The quality of instruction and the instructors were by far the best. The instructors REALLY are very knowledgeable, reputable, and care about the students. Their backgrounds alone are highly reputable. My fellow graduates were all great and we have created long term friends. You will definitely graduate and be confident enough to start conducting quality polygraph exams. If you want quality evidence-based instruction and no regrets PEAK is the best in the world!"

Tommy Tallagua
Retired Parole Agent

"In the 25 years I have been a police officer; after all the years of training, certifications, and advanced training, I have never been to a more thorough, comprehensive and well instructed course as this one. The course is demanding, intense and very rewarding. The level of experience of the instructors alone provided a well-rounded course of instruction that was understandable and easy to follow. Ben Blalock has put together the best course curriculum and weekly outline that slowly brings everything in to perspective, so you really feel you are learning something every step of the way. No student is left behind. The course uses audio, video and kinesthetic teaching techniques to appeal to every type of learning modality. There are no stupid questions. The instructors answer your questions in such a way that you feel they truly care about you having the information without making you feel nervous about asking another question. Only the most up to date material is taught so by the end of the course you truly feel prepared to go out and administer a polygraph to someone with confidence.

Ben Blalock is a leader in the field of polygraph and has a wealth of knowledge he is excited to share with new examiner trainees. After ten weeks, the day I received my certificate and was able to walk out with the title of examiner was one of the proudest days of my life. This could only be achieved by the tremendous support of Ben and his experienced staff of instructors."

Ofc. Patty Morgan, Ret.
Titusville Police Department

"It was the best training I have had since graduating from polygraph school almost 17 years ago. Ben is excellent instructor and an expert in the field of polygraph."

D/F/Lt. Andrew P. Longuski

"While the PEAK Basic Examiner's Course covers all aspects of polygraph, I appreciated the particular focus on the practical application of polygraph examinations and chart scoring. PEAK also provided excellent study tools and exercises that made it easy to learn and retain the course material. I came to the program with no previous polygraph experience, but after ten weeks of training at PEAK I feel confident to return to my department and immediately being administering diagnostic and screening examinations.

Ben Blalock is an excellent instructor who uses patience and positive motivation to help pass on his extensive knowledge of polygraph to students. Ben, along with all the instructors and staff at PEAK, made this training a very positive and rewarding experience. "

Lars Teigen
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office

"The experience that I have had at Peak Credibility Training Center has been an amazing experience. The class is a total immersion into the field of polygraph right from the start. Ben Blalock is an exceptional teacher with a passion for the polygraph field. All the instructors at the course were extremely knowledgeable, all with an extensive background in polygraph. The instructors push you to learn about the field of polygraph and motivate you to be the best you can be. All the motivation and encouragement to learn give an examiner the knowledge, skills and confidence to take with you to the field."

Marc Wynia
Minnehaha County Sheriff's Detective

"These past weeks sure have been a challenge, but I am honored to have been given the opportunity of having been taught by some of the world's best. I am impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the PEAK instruction team. The instructors thoroughly covered the topics and gave us instructions that would have taken a long time to master out in the field. I feel confident that I can hit the ground running.

I am glad I did my research on polygraph schools. For those considering a career in polygraph, you won't be disappointed coming here. "

Chief Michael Hall
Manchester Vermont Police Department

"The basic course at PEAK Credibility Assessment Center is very challenging. There is a tremendous amount of information to cover in ten weeks, but Ben Blalock and his instructors provide the information with presentations that are clear and interesting. From day one, you are getting hands on experience. Ben's passion for polygraph and excellence are demonstrated by his tireless efforts to provide the best teaching environment and tools for his students. The instructors at PEAK present the most current, scientifically supported methods and best practices for the field. Additionally, Ben and his staff have an incredible amount of real world experience that they freely share, to teach and inspire students. After successful completion of this course, you are ready to go into the field. "

Patricia Orr
Tampa Polygraph Services, LLC

"Along with everyone in my class, I am extremely impressed by each instructor and the entire course curriculum. Before attending this course, I was told by several polygraph examiners that Ben Blalock is the tip of the spear when it comes to directing and instructing a polygraph course. They were correct. All of our instructors are knowledgeable and each has many years of experience either in the military, federal government, law enforcement and the private sector. All have shown their dedication to teaching and each has been extremely willing to go above and beyond to help every student grasp the technical concepts and build skills needed to be effective polygraph examiners. I am very happy to have selected Peak as my school of choice."

Chad Courtney
Auburn, CA

"My experience at PEAK has been nothing short of amazing. Ben is the best instructor I have ever had in my 11 years in law enforcement. He is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, kind, humble, and motivating. The days flew by because he made learning so interesting and fun. I HIGHLY recommend PEAK over any other polygraph school out there."

Kishia Veigel
Northport Police Department

"My time learning to become a polygraph examiner at the Peak Credibility Assessment Training Center was challenging to say the least, but it was the best law enforcement course I've ever taken in my 15 year career. The class material was based off of empirical scientific data and delivered in a way that was understandable. The most beneficial part of this class, in my opinion, was the hands-on portion. Being able to use the equipment from day one was very helpful. By the end of this course I was confident that I could walk out of the door and run polygraph examinations without any reservations.

The Director, Ben Blalock is an exceptional practitioner in the world of polygraph. The Peak instructors are the best in the world and the Lafayette staff quickly answered any hardware/software issues that arose during the course.

I would recommend the Peak Credibility Assessment Training Center to any agency in the country needing top tier polygraph examiners to conduct criminal and pre-screening examination at their respective agencies. Thanks again to the Peak Team! "

Christopher Maki
Northport Police Department

"During this 10 week basic polygraph course, Ben Blalock, along with all the other teachers, displayed subject matter knowledge, passion, and a desire for all students to succeed. Ben's dedication is encouraging and results in students excelling beyond what we ever expected. I have had many teachers and professors throughout my life, but have never had one genuinely care about the students, and the subject, so much. Not only is Ben committed to success in training, he and his group of instructors have developed a forum where alumni can reach out to instructors and previous graduates when in need of assistance. Ben's goal, and mine, was to be able to hit the ground running when I return to my agency. As a result of the amount of time allowed for hands on testing, I feel I am ready to tackle whatever is waiting for me. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has entrusted Ben with the training of numerous polygraph examiners, and as a result of the quality examiners returning from Ben's training, I believe they will rightfully continue to entrust Ben with this great task."

Jose Hursey
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

"Ben Blalock is one of the most talented polygraph educators available today. I highly recommend him."

Dr. Charles N. Painter
Former Director, NRO Polygraph

"Ben has a way of explaining an entire process, so that it just makes sense and provides one with plenty of examples of how to administer the exams and interpret the charts. His energy is unlike any I have seen from any instructor and he makes the class interactive and engaging by encouraging audience participation. One does not receive just a lecture but a free flowing forum where ideas are exchanged all with the intention of making the material work for the polygraph examiner. He encourages feedback and discussion.

Since meeting Ben, on numerous occasions I have asked him specific questions via email or telephone. I did not even attend Ben’s introductory class, but he has treated me as if I was a long time alumni of the program."

Detective Dan Templeton
Seattle Police Department

"What I found in Ben as an instructor was genuine humility and sincerity and a hands-on personal approach. For Ben and his team, it’s all about training QUALITY future instructors and doing justice to the future of the polygraph industry."

Peter G.

"With the continuing professionalization of polygraph, competent examiners understand the underlying science and are able to skillfully apply this knowledge to obtain the best possible results. Ben Blalock’s method of instruction results in examiners that know how to stay abreast of developments in polygraph and remain able to conduct state-of-the science examinations that withstand professional, scientific, and legal scrutiny long after graduation. Ben’s graduates are able to hit the ground running confidently upon entering the field. I have a background in multiple forensic disciplines. It is critical for me to be able to explain why I am applying a specific solution to a set of circumstances.

Ben has enabled me to reach outcomes when other examiners, trained elsewhere, have been inconclusive with the same examinee on the same case."

Detective Tom Coffey
Chicago Police Department

"Ben has a wealth of experience and is a great instructor. The other instructors that he introduced and used were also very capable and all of the instructors were passionate about polygraph and committed to the profession. I have had several occasions where I called him to ask a question about a particular case or test that I needed to conduct. He always welcomed my questions and was extremely insightful and helpful in these instances. He has been a constant and continued source of advice for me, and I know also for many other examiners."

Scott Wiegmann
Former FBI Polygraph Examiner

"I am very confident and comfortable in saying that the training I have received from Ben Blalock has been the best. Mr. Blalock uses hands-on training techniques that are taught in a way that are easy to master and remember due the handouts he provides and the thorough and easy to understand explanations he uses."

Sean Matheny
A-1 Expert Polygraph LLC

"As a former teacher and businessman, I recognize excellent skill sets; Ben Blalock and his Instructors are masters at teaching polygraph."

Mike A.

"My polygraph instructors instilled in me the importance of integrity and ethics and how important it was to maintain them. They would be important to my career and to the Polygraph community. Many names became familiar to me through my instructors as Polygraph professionals and as leaders that I can trust and turn to during my Polygraph career. One name in particular was Ben Blalock. I quickly realized why that was. His name appeared on top of many research papers published in many Polygraph journals. I also noticed that his name appeared along with many other Polygraph researchers and scientist. It struck me that Ben Blalock was in many cases a direct competitor of my instructors in business of Polygraph Training Academies, but they repeatedly gave him accolades. It was clear that they and Ben Blalock had one thing in common, the advancement of polygraph science.

I still have the occasional question in regards to my Polygraph examinations. One of the individuals I will turn to for an answer or suggestion is Ben Blalock. His quick replies are amazing. We all get busy in our duties, but he has always taken the time to address my questions."

Detective Chris McNamara
Maryland Heights, MO

"I was told about Ben's enthusiasm and teaching style by other polygraph examiners prior to attending Ben's course on PCSOT. They were right. Ben is a great instructor. He involves his students and engages them in his class. I can tell you that he goes above and beyond and truly wants all of his students to be the best in the field.

I have contacted Ben with questions on Test Data Analysis and question formulation since attending his course. I am very impressed with his teaching style as well as his follow up to questions after attending his class. He has always responded in a timely manner even though I know he is very busy."

Sgt. J. Keith Harvey
Macomb County Sheriff's Office

"I would personally give the highest recommendation to any prospective students that they should attend any training sponsored by Ben Blalock!"

Detective Sergeant
Commonwealth of Virginia

"The level of attention Ben and his instructors give to each student is far and away the best available."

Spencer Brown
Polygraph Examiner, PGP Polygraph LLC

"Ben’s team of instructors are second to none and have varied backgrounds so you gain a wealth of knowledge and have the confidence that you will be an excellent examiner the very first time you conduct a live criminal or pre-employment exam. I am a private examiner, and anytime I have had a question, Ben and Gil have been more than willing to help."

Rick Ferrero
Owner, Intelligentsia Polygraph, LLC

"Ben has been a great source of knowledge and assistance since graduating. I have consulted with Ben on several of my cases since graduation, and he has always been ready to assist."

Robert J. Busalacchi
Noblesville, IN

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