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The Backster School of Lie Detection has joined PEAK!


PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center + Backster School of Lie Detection


A Rich History

We would like to thank everyone who called the Backster School of Lie Detection their home over the last 60+ years. Many great instructors and examiners have been a part of the school's history, and we are thankful for the impact each one has had on the polygraph industry.

A Bright Future

The Backster School of Lie Detection is now a part of the PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center and will be headquartered with PEAK in sunny Cape Coral, Florida. PEAK was formed under the leadership and guidance of its director, Ben Blalock. Ben is well known for his knowledge of polygraph, the exceptional nature of his training courses, as well as his personal approach in the classroom. Ben and PEAK have received numerous accolades in the public and private sectors.

Offering a large and ever growing suite of in-person and online courses, PEAK is uniquely positioned to be your training partner for every step of a polygraph career - from a true beginner to covering advanced topics in all the perfect amount of detail.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us, and we look forward to personally welcoming you to the PEAK family!

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Be sure to check out our upcoming courses! We have in-person courses scheduled through 2024.

Basic Training Course

The Basic Polygraph Examiner's Course is accredited by APA and consists of a minimum of 400 hours. Visit this page to see the schedule and learn about all of the topics covered.

Continuing Education Courses

PEAK has many available Continuing Education Courses. Visit this page for a schedule of dates and course descriptions.

Online Courses

PEAK offers topical APA and AAPP approved Continuing Education courses online for completion at anytime, anywhere.

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